Created in Turin in 2001, between is the agency that is small in size and large in experience, nimble and reactive in its daily approach to communications: immediate feedback, no filters, projects born, devised and developed rapidly.

Our agency works with super brands (particularly on special and one-shot projects), with medium sized firms that lead their sector even on the international scene (strategies and day-by-day support), but also with clients whose budgets are mini rather than maxi, and which demand (and receive) the same attention that is given to big clients.
For all of them, communications that are neither above nor below, but between the lines, in other words integrated, multi-channel, off and online.
A wealth of experience in food, industry and the automotive sector is combined with “green” communications, dedicated to the recycling of materials, clean energy and renewable sources of energy.

Three small paws* in two minutes

A 2-minute and 14-second film (opening and closing theme included) presenting eleven years of work.
*”Paws” are those little orange signs upon the last letter of our name. They also are an alternative way to talk about us and leave our footprints on what we create.


  • Launch strategies and brand (re)positioning
  • Classic, neo-classic and contemporary advertising
  • Corporate & branding
  • Visual design, collateral, packaging
  • Web, digital marketing and online activities
  • Corporate films and films to support brands, retail, and sales activities
  • Events and event communications
  • Social media

Client list

Who we work with.


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Between s.r.l. – via Vela 18 – 10128 Torino (Italy). Telephone (+39) 011 517 8048. Write us an email

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